The 2018 edition in numbers

In accordance with the charter signed in December 2018, Les Arcs Film Festival publishes here its statistics of the films selected in 2018.

First of all,  we are proud to announce that the « competition » selection was, once again, parity-based between female and male directors. It has been so since the last three years. Though it was not properly speaking an objective of our selection committee, but because we are sensitive to this cause, our choices were oriented in a way to represent best female directors without using quotas.

Therefore, we completely assume our competition programming and definitively think it embraces the best of European cinema, in all its diverity of films genre, geography and directors’ gender.

Regarding our selection as a whole, all sections taken into account, we had 27% of female directors and 73% of male directors. It is above the European average (21,7%).

As our Festival is mainly focusing on contemporary cinema, we can notice that the renewal is giving more space to female directors.

Since the creation in 2014 of the « Femme de Cinéma » award, our Festival is sensitive to the subject. This award honours an emblematic European female director by giving her a space of expression before the screening of her film.

Moreover, the association « Révélations Culturelles », which organizes the Festival, created the Lab Femmes de Cinéma that organizes masterclasses and workshops about gender equality and women’s place in cinema, in Paris and Les Arcs, every year. It publishes and actualizes, every year as well, a study on the subject.

Among the charter’s commitments, our Festival engaged itself to publish its committee selection’s list.

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