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Your survival guide to the Festival

Les Arcs Film Festival takes place in the middle of the mountains at 2,000m of altitude during the winter. It is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Alps, and revel in the stunning snow-covered peaks as they shine under the sun. The time has come to share some quick tips on how to make the most of your festival experience.

  • Warm and waterproof clothes are a must. At 1950m of altitude, it can get very (very) cold. Luckily, our theatres are warm and cosy.
  • In the mountains, we dress for the weather. Boots and Gore-Tex shoes are the height of fashion, perfect to counter the cold and humid snow. Don’t forget to waterproof your shoes and wear warm socks!
  • Remember to pack some spare shoes so that you can change out of our rather uncomfortable ski boots and relax as you enjoy the screenings.
  • Avoid wearing smooth soles, unless you dream of becoming an ice-skater.
  • Sunglasses are essential. When the weather is good, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and its reflections on the snow. Another tip: sunscreen will help protect your skin from the cold, so even though the sun does not shine too brightly at this time of the year, it’s always good to wear SPF.
  • To warm up, nothing beats going indoors for a hot beverage (no mulled wine or grog for the youngsters — hot chocolate will be fine). Don’t forget that young and old need to hydrate on a regular basis. You can get dehydrated quickly up here because the mountain air is very dry.
Transportation in Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Les Arcs
  • If you are coming by car, there is a fee to access Arc 1800 and Arc 1950 (unless you stay less than 4 hours in Arc 1800.)
  • Snow tires or chains are mandatory. If you don’t have them, the police may stop you from driving in the resort.
  • Free inter-resort shuttles run all day long. It takes from 5 to 20 minutes to get from one site to the other. It’s a cheaper, greener, and friendlier alternative to travelling alone in your car… but it’s up to you.
  • Skiing is also a viable means of transport. However, be aware that the ski lifts close after the last screening in the evenings.
  • The funicular connecting Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Les Arcs closes at night after the last screening. But we’ve made sure to schedule screenings in every site of the resort so that everyone can enjoy the festival!
Tickets and Reception Points
  • Tickets, passes and accreditations are available for sale at the Bernard Taillefer Center in Arc 1800, at Bourg-Saint-Maurice's Pop Up Store: la Droguerie des Créateurs, at Manoir Savoie in Arc 1950, and at Arc 2000. Do not hesitate to ask festival staff for more information.
  • The official Festival shop is located at the Bernard Taillefer Center in Arc 1800. There, you can find DVDs, books, and all sorts of other festival goodies.
  • Between screenings, you can grab a soup, a sandwich, or even oysters in the Festival’s refreshments area at the Bernard Taillefer Center. Hot and cold beverages are also available.
Going out in Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Les Arcs
  • Most shops and restaurants will be open. Pass or accreditation holders are eligible for certain special offers and discounts.
  • The Festival partners with nightclubs in Les Arcs to organise parties and complete the Festival’s triptych of Ski, Cinema and Parties!
  • Other points of interest include the market in Bourg-Saint-Maurice on Saturday mornings, touring the baroque churches in the valley, visiting the Arpin textile mill, or stopping by the shop at the milk cooperative to taste some Beaufort cheese... Many other suggestions can be found at the Tourist Information Centre.
Sustainability and environment
  • Les Arcs Film Festival is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. It’s only normal, given the current environment and climate crisis. As a participant in our festival, you can play a role in supporting us as we take on this important challenge. A great starting point is our Audience Eco-Charter, which suggests some simple steps we can all take to ensure our festival is as sustainable as possible.
    We know we aren’t perfect, but we’re committed to improving with every festival edition, and to seek news solutions.


  • Les Arcs Film Festival takes place in a magnificent landscape: the Alps mountain range, and Les Arcs ski resort.  The resort is a Responsible holiday destination and was awarded the “Flocon Vert” label for its commitment to sustainability.
    Les Arcs is an exceptional location and the natural habitat of some stunning wildlife and flora. Among this biodiversity, an emblematic but endangered species: the Black Grouse!

    "Quiet zones" have been set up specifically for the Black Grouse in both the Vanoise National Parc and the Hauts de Villaroger Natural Reserve, near the ski resort, to protect this species from human disturbances.
    During the winter, Black Grouse dig snow burrows (or igloos) to protect themselves from the cold, only venturing out in the mornings or late at night. To help protect the magical wildlife of Les Arcs, please avoid the forest and its surroundings, and be respectful of "Quiet zones" and all natural habitats near the Festival.
    Thank you!

Now you're all set, all that's left is to wish you a fantastic time at our Festival!

Black Grouse

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