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La Femme, 2016

Les Arcs Film Festival links up music and cinema! In the current context, the Music Village is adapting to offer this year again musical, festive or serious events, while respecting the social distanciation.

The three masterclasses around the films Calamity (composer Florencia Di Concilio), Peuple loup (composer Bruno Coulais) and L'homme qui a vendu sa peau (composer Amine Bouhafa) are maintained, at a later date however, so that primary, secondary and high school students can see the films in theatres beforehand.

As every year, music publishers, music supervisors, composers and labels are welcome on Les Arcs Film Festival platform to discover and exchange about the projects in development.

As part of the Moving Mountains Focus we also welcomed Voyou and Gaël Faure, who came to share ideas and songs, in the cosy and alpine setting of the Puebla Pavilion.

Finally, live sessions captured in collaboration with La Blogothèque will punctuate your film sessions with a few notes (and images) of music from Les Arcs! To be found on our platform, or directly on La Blogothèque's Youtube.

2020’s Program

© Alice Kong

"Bisou" is the first single from the second album by Pi Ja Ma, aka Pauline de Tarragon, the successor to Nice to Meet U, released in 2019. Supported by her faithful producer and co-composer Axel Concato (My Bee's Garden, The Narcoleptic Dancers) since her Radio Girl EP (2016), Pi Ja Ma retains the combination of her two favourite occupations: also an illustrator, she juggles between drawing and music. Playing with genres and eras, the artist has now moved on to writing and composing, offering dense and personal titles. Imbued with romanticism, Pi Ja Ma's compositions offer a modernity that brings love back into fashion: the uncertainty of feelings, dating app and the joy of celibacy are magnified on melodies reminiscent of the doo-wop of the 1950s. Solitary in the intimacy of her room or independent in the immensity of the world, the images fuse and draw a developed and accomplished portrait of the musician. Pi Ja Ma writes in French but also in English, allowing an additional closeness in the meanders of the stories she tells.

After the year we've just spent, we all need a "Bisou" (kiss), so look out for the release of the first single from her new album, on 12 February 2021 on the Bleepmachine label.

Live in collaboration with la Blogothèque release on December 18th.

© Eye Shoot Stuff

We warn you right away: no, this is not just another music-loving actress's tocade! Before she became the Sofia of Call My Agent, which revealed her to the general public, Stefi was destined for music. She learnt piano at the Conservatory, trained herself on the guitar. Spotted on MySpace, she was seen in the musicals Sol en Cirque, Je m'voyais déjà and more recently, in one of the latest versions of Le Soldat Rose at the Olympia. She then left for Kinshasa, where she met a Belgian-Congolese director, Imani Assumani, with whom she set up a label, Moyo Productions, "le coeur" in Swahili.

Her inspirations? Michel Berger, Compay Segundo, Cesaria Evora, Yael Naim, Ibeyi, Maurane. On "Maison de Terre", which she composed herself, she plays all the instruments, except the bass, played by Daniel Romeo. To the lyrics, a young Belgian-Congolese girl, Camille Yembé, whose writing, both honest and imaginative, seduces Stéfi. "Maison de Terre" is a home made song, like the songs to come, about "a woman free of movement and tone, who draws a soft ironic look at the passing of time". Stéfi has also performed a new song "Pour Toi" at Les Arcs Film Festival.

Live in collaboration with the Blogothèque release on January 11th.

© Oihan Brière

In five albums, Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains have established themselves as specialists of a pop open to the sounds of the world, which they tirelessly explore. This year, their steps have led them to Les Arcs, in the person of François Marry, leader of the group. With 'Coucou', the singer wanders through the mountains and a break that is not easy to bear. His subtle groove takes root directly in reality in this new opus 'Banane Bleue'. Supported by the Finnish Jaakko Eino Kalevi on production and by Renaud Letang (Feist, Gonzales, Connan Mockasin) on the mix, Frànçois delivers a new album of wanderings and memories... including those tinged with snow from Les Arcs Film Festival!

Live in collaboration with the Blogothèque release on January 18th.


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