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An eco-responsible organisation

Transportation and sustainable transport

  • Our fleet of company vehicles is partly hybrid.
  • Our computer system enables us to optimize car journeys, and we use coaches whenever we can gather people together.
  • Carpooling is widely promoted among the public and professionals, to this end we are working this year with the Blablacar platform to reduce our overall transportation carbon footprint.
  • For our guests, when a train journey is reasonable, we only cover the cost of this journey (they must pay if they wish to fly)
  • We encourage all professionals to take the train when possible.

Reducing waste

  • Invitations are almost systematically electronically issued instead of being sent by post.
  • Attendees are encouraged to use e-tickets and e-passes to avoid printing, as well as to bring back their lanyards from past editions to hang up their passes.
  • Creation of a large number of undated communication materials to enable them to be reused for subsequent editions, and repurposing of some obsolete signage by simply adding a coat of paint.
  • Bags and catalogs are no longer systematically distributed and are left at disposal.
  • A charter is sent out to all our partners to encourage them to provide reusable merchandising, to not automatically hand out promotional items, and to collect anything that is not handed out.
  • We’ve got rid of disposable tableware and now use traditional or compostable dinnerware (which are obviously washed or composted).
  • Recycling and composting bins can be found at the various festival sites. Partnership with local company Bonneval to provide glass water bottles and large-volume water cubes.


Energy consumption 
  • Our annual office energy is electric and 100% renewable thanks to our supplier Enercoop.
  • Our offices are heated to a maximum of 19°C and are not air-conditioned in summer.
  • We encourage our partner cinemas to comply with heating recommendations.

Sustainable and eco-conscious purchases

  • We work with the Edelweiss printing house located in Bourg Saint Maurice, for their proximity and sensitivity to environmental issues.
  • Most of our tie-ins are made in France, in line with our values in terms of the standards of workmanship, materials used and product durability.
  • Our partners are strongly encouraged to produce all their by-products locally, in France or in Europe. Our catering partners focus on locally sourced, organically grown products, vegetarian options and finger food.
  • Vegetarian dishes are systematically offered for team catering.
Focus on a feature installed in 2022

A reusable, eco-friendly pass. The pass is a simple support on which a label is stuck, printed in inkjet (and the cartridges are recycled!) and without plastic film.

This solid, waterproof and undated medium can be reused in subsequent years simply by replacing the label. What's more, the backing is made from PVC-free synthetic material (polyester base, 15% of which is recycled), and is manufactured in Belgium in an ISO 14001-certified plant (with no chemical emissions). It uses half as much material as a conventional badge and has less impact than laminated cardboard.

With this new system, we hope to reduce disposable materials by 75%. To further improve our impact, you can return your passes to us at the end of the festival so that they can be reused.

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