The selection committee

The selection committee

Les Arcs Film Festival selects all its films as a collegial committee. We are committed to diversity of speech, we mix men and women, experience and youth. Frédéric Boyer, our artistic director, is the one who makes the final cut and takes decisions, after an attentive and respectful listening of the different opinions. The different members are here listed, except for the artistic director, in the descending order, to shake things up a bit.

Frédéric Boyer (feature film committee)

Frédéric is our artistic director, the Boss of the selection committee, you may say. Roadie, record dealer, video club employee, prop man, perchman...what small job hasn't he worked during his long career in music and cinema? He also ran The Directors' Fortnight and currently works as the artistic director of the famous Tribeca Film Festival. The French Cinematheque is his second home (some might even say his first). 

The favorite genre of this tender heart is melodrama. 

In the team, he always listens to his coworkers and sometimes changes his mind about films (Editor's note: it's an understatement) to make the committe believe that the selection process is democratic. In the end, he's the one taking responsibility for the program and answering to the never ending question of the audience "Why aren't there more comedies in your selection?". 

His guilty pleasure, is I am Sam, by Jessie Nelson but his cult film is Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino. 

His favorite film sequence is the shower scene from Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, even more so the documentary 78/52 dedicated to this scene. Do you find this run-of-the-mill? Ok, let's dig deeper: he adds every imitation scene from The Trip by Michael Winterbottom. 

His favorite villain is Malcolm Mc Dowell in A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick and his favorite animal is the crow from The Hawks and the Sparrows by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Finally, his favorite mountain scenes are from Five Days One Summer by Fred Zinnemann.



Alice Nkamgna (features and short films committee)

Alice is the Head of the Film Office. She graduated from a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a master's degree in management of cultural projects. She spends half her life in Brussels where she works for the Brussels Short Film Festival and the other half in Paris/Les Arcs for another amazing festival for which she works. In the gang, she's the DIY specialist and addict.

Her favorite film genre: thrillers. She gets inspired by scenes of torture for those who pronounce the "N" in her last name. 

Her cult film that she can watch over and over again is All about my mother by Almodovar. 

Her cult villain: she loves to hate He who must not be named...

His cult animal: White Fang. 

Her favorite mountain film: Jean-Claude Dusse's ski lesson in French Fried Vacation 2. Not a very original answer, but to be honest, it doesn't really get better than this scene...



Guillaume Calop (features and short films committee)

Guillaume is one of the co-founders of the festival and its general manager. Otherwise he edits DVD of rare and not very known stuff (Chalet Pointu), like animated short films, he's a film lover with a large spectrum, from a Judd Apatow comedy to a BBB film (Beautiful But Boring). He's one of the short film defenders of the gang.

His guilty pleasure is The Sound of Music by Robert Wise, he can sometimes be caught singing "Do-Re-Mi" (only in private).

His cult film is Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Svankmajer and his favorite film scene is in Victoria by Sebastian Schipper (you'll find it easily, the film is a single shot). 

His favorite animal is Totoro (what do you mean by it's not a real animal?). 

His favorite mountain film scene: James Brown in Ski party arriving to a party with his friends to sing I feel good.



Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin (feature film committee)

Pierre-Emmanuel is one of the co-founders and the CEO of the Festival. After having done a double Master's degree in Art and Cinema and Economy, then a DESS in Audiovisual Communication Law at La Sorbonne, he's been spending his long work days producing films and series for 15 years. As an eternal big boy, his favorite genre is and will always be the western. 

In the selection committee, as the fine strategist he is, he masters the art of creating serendipitous circumstances (nope, having taste and authority isn't enough in our little gang...).

His guilty pleasures are Tropic Thunder by Ben Stiller and François 1er with Fernandel, but when asked in public his favorite film, he will proudly answer Dersu Uzala by Akira Kurozawa. A true knockout.

His cult sequence is the tuna fishing one in Stromboli and the villain who still haunts him is Medusa in The Rescuers.

Finally, his favorite mountain scene, is when the French Fried gang eats "la Fougne" in French Fried 2. It probably reminds him of his childhood in the alpine pastures...



Jérémy Zelnik (feature film committee)

Jérémy is the Head of the professional events of the festival, which doesn't prevent him from watching tons of films and taking part in the selection committee. Graduated from a prestigious business school (nobody's perfect...), he was a cinema banker for 5 years, then film and documentary producer after a passage in the music industry. In the gang, he's the one who knows how to compromise best. Most of the time...

His favorite films are good crime films (which is always better than bad ones) and spy stories. 

His guilty pleasure: Manhattan by Woody Allen - it's become shameful to be a fan of Woody, the never ending debate about the difference between the artist and the individual is open! 

His cult film is The Big Sleep with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and his cult sequence: the football game in La messa è finita by Nanni Moretti.

His favorite villain: Franck (Henri Fonda) in Once Upon a Time in the West by Sergio Leone and his cult animal is the Marsupilami (can someone explain to him it's not a real animal? I won't risk it...).

Finally, his favorite mountain scene: the opening scene from James Bond's A spy who loved me



Chiara Paoli (features and short films committee)

Chiara is an assistant in the Film Office. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and a Master's degree in Cultural Industries in France. Well yeah, she is Italian and with that first name, her origins were rather badly hidden. She was a programming assistant at the restored film festival at the Cinémathèque française. She is also an actress and a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

In the band, she is Marcel Proust's specialist. Yes, because she is very passionate about difficult love stories, well, those of others...

Her cult films? In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-Wai and L'Eclisse by Antonioni, but her favourite TV series is Friends: she has seen every season, twice!

Her favourite villain is the Joker by Todd Phillips, played by Joaquin Phoenix. But, is he really the villain?

Her cult sequence is the one on the bridge in Antonioni's Story of a Love Affair.

Her favourite film animal: the cat. Thanks to her little sister, she has a very good cartoon culture: she knows the dialogues of the Aristochats almost by heart.

Finally, her favourite mountain scene: Into the wild by Sean Penn. A slightly wild mountain, but in Les Arcs there is nothing to fear!


Juliette Naudin (features and short films committee)

Juliette is an assistant at the Film Office. She graduated from a business school ("well... nobody is perfect"), but specialised in culture (phew!).

Her film in a loop: Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki, with Calcifer that warms your heart.

Her fascinating sequence: Norma Desmond going down the stairs to find the glory of the cameras in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard.

Her cult animal: Mushu, Mulan's famous companion... Dishonour on my family, dishonour on me, dishonour on my cow to compare this great Dragon to a simple little lizard.

Her favourite villain: the Aliens who come in "peace" in Mars Attack!. - seen at the age of 10, traumatised forever, thank you daddy and mummy.

Her cult European film: Festen, who doesn't like a good family meal? But her feel-good movie is Little Miss Sunshine and the wild dance of little Olive.

Finally, her favourite mountain scene: the father's reaction to the avalanche in Force Majeure, nice family (plus it happens in Les Arcs, what more could you ask for).

Jacques Kermabon (short films committee)

A long time ago, Jacques sold trimmings and upholstery at Le Bon Marché. For a long time a supervisor in college and high school and a film club host at the CCAS, a master’s degree in literature and a DEA in cinema gained, he soon dreamed of being a film critic. He participated in the creation of Bref –magazine devoted to shorts films - in 1989 and became its editor for more than twenty years. This year he published a book dedicated to a jewel of cinema, Madame de… , by Max Ophuls (at Yellow Now).

His kind of predilection: good films (fair enough).

His guilty pleasure: the dramatic comedy Les amours d'Astrée et de Céladon by Éric Rohmer but his cult film is Partie de champagne, by Jean Renoir!

His favorite movie sequence is found in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, when Judy appears in the hotel room having taken Madeleine’s appearance.

His favorite movie villain? Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now and the Jokers: from the cult Jack Nicholson, to the recent Joaquin Phoenix and the unforgettable Heath Ledger!

His favorite movie animal is the donkey in Robert Bresson’s  Au hasard Balthazar and his favourite mountain scene is that of the cabin at the edge of the precipice in Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush.

Finally his favorite movie music is Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love one, charming isn't it?

Lison Hervé (feature film committee)

Lison did a degree in film studies in Rennes before a master's degree in audiovisual production at the INA. She then worked as an international film saleswoman (in other words, on the other side, the dark side, of the force) after a stint at Les Arcs.

In the band, she is the adept of fiery debates around a raclette and/or fondue.

Her favourite kind of film: serial killer films and teen movies, even better when they cross paths (cuckoo Scream!).

Her cult film is Nicholas Ray's Rebel Withut a Cause, and her cult scene is the car scene at the end of The Bridges of Madison County.

Speaking of cars, her favourite villain is the tyre in Rubber, rarely has it been more disturbing.

Her favourite movie animal is the kangaroo since she would have liked to save all those hunted in the famous gruelling sequence of Wake in Fright.

Finally, when asked about her favourite mountain scene, she asks if volcanoes count. What do you want, we can't refuse her! So, she votes directly for the scene where Pierce Brosnan and the Wando family flee a pyroclastic cloud in Dante's Peak. Bad cloud...

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