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Les Arcs Film Festival: an inclusive event


The Les Arcs Film Festival team is committed to ensuring the festival is accessible and welcoming to all those who wish to participate in our event.

Hearing accessibility

All films are screened in their original versions, and foreign-language films are subtitled in French. Several screenings with SME subtitles and meetings interpreted in LSF (Langue des Signes Française) will also be offered, in collaboration with the association Les Montagnes du silence. 

Visual accessibility

Thanks to Twavox and Fidélio, several screenings are offered with audio description. 

Every year, we work to ensure that a maximum number of screenings offer audio-description and/or captions. However, as many of the films presented at the festival are previews, these options are unfortunately not always available.

Physical accessibility

All our cinemas are wheelchair accessible. However, some transfers throughout the resort may be hindered by weather conditions or by certain infrastructures (multiple lifts, narrow staircases...). The most easily-accessible venues are those located in Bourg Saint Maurice (La Scène and the Coeur d'Or) and the Bernard Taillefer centre.

CALM Screening “Comme À La Maison”

In partnership with the Handi Pep's association, the festival is offering a CALM screening "Comme à la maison", enabling people with or without disabilities (mainly mental and cognitive) to go to the cinema and enjoy a more relaxed screening with dimmed lighting and reduced sound, and permission to talk and move around during the film. Just like at home, everyone can experience the film in their own way.

Practical infos

Inclusion Mobility Card (MIC) holders are eligible for a reduced rate of 4,5 EUR / screening.

To make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible, please go directly to the ticket office to let them know what you need. The festival team is trained to welcome all types of audience and will be able to accompany you if possible.


If you have a physical, sensory or cognitive disability, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Pascaline Meunier
+33 (0)1 82 28 50 10

With the support of CCHT ( Communauté de Communes de Haute Tarentaise).

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