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The Factory


The Factory / Zavod

Yury Bykov

Russia, France, Armenia

2018 / 109’ / National Premiere / VO : Russian

When local oligarch Kalugine announces the bankruptcy of his factory, a group of workers who hasn't been paid for months kidnaps him for ransom, locking him up in the factory. Kalugine’s private bodyguards - and the police SWAT team - arrive at once. The angry workers are trapped. How will they survive the night of confrontation with men who will kill without hesitation to protect Kalugine and his crimes?

Sunday 16 20:30Salle des festivals Mon festival
Tuesday 18 20:30Salle Bernard Taillefer Mon festival
Friday 21 09:30Salle des festivals Mon festival
DirectorYury Bykov.
CastDenis Shvedov, Vladislav Abashine, Andrey Smolyakov, Alexander Bukharov and Dmitry Kulichkov.
ScreenplayYury Bykov.
EditorAnna Krouty.
SoundArkady Noskov.
ProductionKinovista, Yellow, Black and White Films, Sharm Holding, Coda and Wild Bunch.
SalesWild Bunch.

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