O Fim do Mundo

O Fim do Mundo

Official Competition
Basil Da Cunha


2019 / 107’ / National Premiere / Portuguese

After 8 years in a correctional school, Spira returns to Reboleira, a slum in the Lisbon suburbs. But Kikas, one of the neighbourhood's old drug dealers, makes it clear that he is not welcome.

Sunday 15 20:30 - 22:17Salle des festivals My festival
Wednesday 18 18:00 - 20:12Salle Bernard Taillefer My festival
Friday 20 11:30 - 13:17Salle des festivals My festival
DirectorBasil Da Cunha.
CastMichael Spencer, Marco Joel Fernandes, Alexandre Da Costa Fonseca, Iara Cardoso and Luisa Martins Dos Santos.
ScreenplayBasil Da Cunha, Saadi and Martin Drouot.
CinematographerBasil Da Cunha.
EditorBasil Da Cunha.
SoundHenri Maikoff.
ProductionThera Production.
SalesWide .

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