16-23 december 2017

Le Capitaine

Le Capitaine

The Captain / Der Hauptmann


Germany, France

2017 / 118’ / VO : German / tout public

1945. Chaos spreads in Germany and the 3rd Reich's armies start to split. Drunk soldiers multiply summary executions, without making the difference between deserters and lost infantrymen. In order to survive, a young deserter, Wili Herold, steals the identity of a Captain, and brings with him unlucky soldiers in a mysterious « special mission ».

Release date in France : 21 mars 2018

Sunday 17 20:30Salle Bernard Taillefer add
Monday 18 21:00Salle des festivals add
Tuesday 19 21:00Le Cœur d’Or 1 add
Saturday 23 19:00Le Cœur d’Or 2 add

Born in Germany, Robert Schwentke studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy, before joining a Directing course at the American Film Institute. Before beginning his career as a filmmaker in the United States, Schwentke received several awards for his first feature films produced in Germany. In 2005, he made the thriller Flightplan. Recently, Robert Schwentke directed Insurgent (2015) and Allegiant (2016), titles from the Divergent Series.

2017 Le Capitaine
2016 Divergente 3 : au-delà du mur
2015 Divergente 2 : l'insurrection
2014 Muffrika
2013 R.I.P.D Brigade Fantôme
2010 Red
2009 Hors du temps
2004 Flight Plan
2003 Eierdiebe
2002 Tattoo
1993 Heaven! (court métrage)
CastMax HUBACHER, Frederick LAU, Milan PESCHEL, Alexander FEHLING.
ScreenplayRobert SCHWENTKE
CinematographerFlorian BALLHAUS
EditorMichal CZARNECKI
ProductionFilmgalerie 451, Alfama Films, Opus Film
SalesAlfama Films
DistributorAlfama Films

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