Music Village

Les Arcs Film Festival links up music and cinema!
Projections and conferences are combined with concerts and DJ sets in the exceptional setting of Les Arcs resort.
Discover the artists who will make you dance during the festival !

La Femme, 2016

Les Arcs Film Festival links up music and cinema!

Projections and conferences are combined with concerts and DJ sets in the exceptional setting of Les Arcs resort.

Programme 2019

Les Arcs Film Festival puts music in the spotlight with a festive and friendly "OFF".

In balance between emerging artists and confirmed talents (La Femme, Jain, L'Impératrice, Arnaud Rebotini, Lily Wood and the Prick, Superpoze...), the program highlights music in all its forms. From the traditional opening night at Manoir Savoie, to a grand cine-concert in Bourg-Saint-Maurice or a five-star concert at the Taj-I-Mah, follow the guide:

© Harley C.

Forget « Starlight » and dive into The Supermen Lover’s unique nu disco vibe. At the crossroads of samples, synths and instruments played live, you can recognize TSL from the very first notes. Freeing, unifying and exciting: TSL’s performance is the perfect way to start this year’s festival!

Saturday, December 14 - Opening party from 10:30 pm - Manoir Savoie, Arc 1950

© Guillaume Malheiro

Somewhere in between Venezuela and Belleville, Paris, is where La Chica stands. Her love for both classical music and analog keyboards creates a heady and personal world, full of groove and transcendent rhythms.

Saturday, December 14 - Opening party from 10:30 pm - Manoir Savoie, Arc 1950


Declared « Prince of 2.0 rai », Sofiane Saidi is an expert at rising temperatures! With his trio synth-vocals, guitare-machines and percussions, he will be bringing tarab to the cold mountains. If you don’t know what tarab means, just come experience it live!

Sunday, December 15 - Les Belles Pintes, Arc 1950

© Aurore Vinot

Gathering groove and deep sounds, Hausmane, FORM’s band leader will treat us with a unique DJ set to keep the temperature high.

Sunday, December 15 - Les Belles Pintes, Arc 1950


At only 17 Crystal Murray is already making everyone see eye to eye. Her soulful voice feels like silk on her jazzy inspirations mixed with modern two-step sounds. Some people are taking about her being the new face of French neo-soul scene and we cannot disagree.

Monday, December 16 - Taj-i-Mah, Arc 2000

© Julia Romart

Fishbach is like an avalanche. After a first EP in 2015, nothing has been able to stop her: actress, score composer, performer, she is everywhere, and everywhere she brings her timeless voice and her guitar time seems to stop.

Monday 16 December - Luigi's Chalet, Arc 1950

© Harley C.

Latvian artist Domenique Dumont will keep on broadening his musical palette by mixing live instruments such as guitar and electronics - modular synths and sequencers. His electronic avant-garde synth-pop unveils solar rhythms and more melancholic melodies, a perfect fit for the cult German New Objectivity movie People On Sunday.

Thursday December 19th • La Scène in Bourg Saint Maurice
In collaboration with Festival La Rochelle Cinéma, BulCiné and festival Scanorama 


Let's keep on dancing and getting warm with the traditionnal closing party, happening in the new and upcoming La Folie Douce, your favorite place to party you didn't know you needed!

Friday 20 December - La Folie Douce, Arc 1800


Loren Synnaeve
Coordination of the Music Village 

Etienne Tricard
Head of Music Village

Jérémy Zelnik
Head of Industry

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