15-22 december 2018 D-58


Music Village

Discover all the artists who will make dance you during the festival!

Every year, the festival puts music in the limelight with exceptional new talents concerts during the opening and closing nights (bands such as La Femme, L'Impératrice, Arnaud Rebotini, Grand Corps Malade, JAIN, Isaac Delusion, Lily Wood and the Pricks participated). Appointments are planned between a ski slope, a glass of hot wine and one of the many films of the programme so that these two universes can meet in the exceptional setting of Arc 1950.

Les Fondus du Ski

Radio Meuh DJ set + Blind test by Piège à Garçon

Saturday December 16 - 4:30PM-6:30PM - Place Miravidi, Arc 1800

Projections + Piège à garçons

Projections Live
Nourished by the music of François de Roubaix or Ennio Morricone, Projections composes the soundtracks of their ideal films, without constraint, inspired by the images that come to them with closed eyes.

Piège à garçons DJ set
Impossible to hold back the two girls of Piège à Garçon, always in concert or with a headphone on their heads, they will distill all their findings for our happy little ears.

Saturday December 16 - 11:30PM - Les Belles Pintes, Arc 1950

L’Impératrice + Radio Meuh + Naive New Beaters

L’Impératrice Live
Her majesty will honour us and come down from her throne to shareher unique groove, between electronic music, disco and funk bass for timeless journeys.

Radio Meuh DJ set
Among the pioneers of webradios, Radio Meuh has always distinguished himself by his ultra sharp and popular selections, the sound coming from the country of the camembert.

Naive New Beaters Live
Led by David Boring, aka Estéban when becoming an actor/director, the Naive New Beaters will open the festival. Between electro, rock and rap, it is the promise of a crazy atmosphere.

Saturday December 16 - 11PM - Chalet de Luigi, Arc 1950

French Waves Party Julian Starke + Superpoze

DJ sets
The French Touch saga started in the 90's from the Respect evenings in Paris to the explosion on the international scene of producers like Daft Punk. Today, the next generation is here and Superpoze is one of them!

Sunday December 17 - 10:30PM - Les Belles Pintes, Arc 1950

Cracki Soundsystem

DJ set
The Cracki Soundsystem is the meeting of producers and DJs Cracki behind the turntables, around a common desire: to pass on the family spirit and make the bodies move.

Friday December 22 - 23PM - Chalet de Luigi

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