14-21 December 2019 D-30


Music Village

Discover soon all the new artists who will make you dance during the festival !
First, to give you an idea of what the next edition will be like, let’s see briefly who were the invited artists in 2018.

Every year, the festival puts music in the limelight with exceptional new talents concerts during the opening and closing nights (bands such as La Femme, L'Impératrice, Arnaud Rebotini, Grand Corps Malade, JAIN, Isaac Delusion, Lily Wood and the Pricks participated). Appointments are planned between a ski slope, a glass of hot wine and one of the many films of the programme so that these two universes can meet in the exceptional setting of Arc 1950.


Etienne Tricard
Responsable du Music Village

Jérémy Zelnik
Responsable des Evénements professionnels


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