Music Village

Les Arcs Film Festival links up music and cinema!
Projections and conferences are combined with concerts and DJ sets in the exceptional setting of Les Arcs resort.
Discover the artists who will make you dance during the festival !

La Femme, 2016

Les Arcs Film Festival declares its love for music through its " OFF " with concerts & DJ sets to dance between two film sessions.

Emerging or confirmed artists (La Femme, Jain, L'Impératrice, Arnaud Rebotini, Lily Wood and the Prick, Superpoze...), between pop, electro or elegant percussion, see you in the autumn to find out more about the 2022 programme!


Emeline Marabelle
Head of the Music Village

Loren Synnaeve
Coordination of the Music Village 

Jérémy Zelnik
Head of Industry

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