Miroslav Terzić

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia

2019 / 97’ / Serbian

Based on true events, in Belgrade, Stitches tells the story of a woman who believes that her newborn baby was stolen from her 18 years ago, while she was told that her baby died. She is fighting one last time against the police, the hospital and her family, in order to uncover the truth.

Monday 16 18:15 - 19:52Le Cœur d’Or 3 My festival
Wednesday 18 15:00 - 16:37Salle des festivals My festival
DirectorMiroslav Terzić.
CastSnezana Bogdanovic, Marko Bacovic, Jovana Stojiljkovic, Vesna Trivalic, Dragana Varagic and Pavle Cemerikic.
ScreenplayElma Tataragić.
CinematographerDamjan Radovanović.
EditorMilena Z. Petrović.
SoundJulij Zornik.
ProductionWest End Productions.
PrizeFEST International Film Festival 2019 - Best Actress Award
Festival del Cinema Europeo - Lecce 2019 - Best Screenplay Award

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