Nathalie Biancheri

United Kingdom

2019 / 86’ / National Premiere / English
First feature

Pete, a darkly compelling thirty-something, meets Laurie, an emotionally withdrawn student-athlete who recently relocated to town with her mother. The two strangers start forming a precarious friendship. As they spend more time together, their unique bond grows, unraveling the truth behind Pete’s motives.

Wednesday 18 18:30 - 20:21Le Cœur d’Or 2 My festival
DirectorNathalie Biancheri.
CastCosmo Jarvis, Lauren Coe and Sadie Frost.
ScreenplayOlivia Waring and Nathalie Biancheri.
CinematographerMichal Dymek.
EditorAndonis Trattos.
MusicAaron Cupples.
ProductionRickshaw Entertainment.
SalesUrban Distribution International.

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