15-22 december 2018 D-28



Hauteur : auteur cinema at its best! A selection that reflects the diversity and dynamics of European creativity.

Our Wonderful Lives
Our Wonderful Lives
Nos vies formidables

Fabienne GODET

They are between 18 and 50 years old. Everything separates them, except the urgency to rebuild themselves and restore the relationship to the other that the addiction has destroyed. A gang that screams loud and clear that we are doing better as a group.


Wolfgang FISCHER
Germany, Austria

Styx depicts the transformation of a strong woman torn from her contented world during a sailing trip.

The Load
The Load
La charge

Serbia, France

1999, Serbia is bombed by NATO. Vlada, a truck driver, is carrying a mysterious load. When the journey is over, he will have to live with the consequences of his actions.

The Mercy of the Jungle
The Mercy of the Jungle
La Miséricorde de la jungle

Belgium, France, Rwanda

1998, Kivu region, on the border between Congo and Rwanda. As the Second Congo War raged, Sergeant Xavier, a Rwandan war hero, and young soldier Faustin, lost track of their battalion.

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