Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt

Special screening
Margarethe Von Trotta

Germany, France

2013 / 113’ / English / German

Jewish-German philosopher Hannah Arendt fled from Nazi Germany to the United States, where she, among other things, worked as a university tutor. Then „The New Yorker” sent her to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel and she wrote her book „A Report on the Banality of Evil”, that started a controversy.

Sunday 15 15:30 - 17:23La Scène My festival
DirectorMargarethe Von Trotta.
CastBarbara Sukowa, Axel Milberg, Janet Mcteer, Julia Jentsch, Ulrich Noethen and Michael Degen.
ScreenplayPam Katz and Margarethe Von Trotta.
CinematographerCaroline Champetier.
EditorBettina Böhler.
MusicAndré Mergenthaler.
SoundGreg Vittore.
ProductionHeimat Films.
DistributorSophie Dulac Distribution.

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