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Reviews of the Lab Young Critics

The 2nd edition of the Lab of Cultural, Creative and Festival Journalism was held at Les Arcs Film Festival !

6 young Europeans attended the festival to create content, interviewing film crews and writing articles. We publish their articles on our website for everyone to read it and can have a flashback of the festival’s events. Enjoy !

The Lab is a specific action pioneers by the European Festival Network MIOB and dedicated to students and graduates in cinema and/or journalism as well as to young people from any other area who are interested in cultural media and film. It seeks to form a community of future cultural journalists.

We are convinced that the quality cinema, the cinema in which we believe in and that we promote, should be appreciated through analysis, thought and discussion. Auteur cinema cannot be understood without film critic and cinema journalism, since these genres have systematically contributed to highlight and understand the constant changes of cinematographic art. Despite the difficult moment that cinema journalism is going through, we are aware that there is a new generation of critics and cinema journalists who have their own way of writing and expressing themselves in a totally different way than their senior colleagues.

By doing this, we would like to promote these new voices, offering them the opportunity to attend European events. As festivals, we also need the talented people we bring to our cities to express themselves and have visibility in the traditional media and on the Internet. The main goal is to promote training of journalists specialised in culture, who can benefit from a tutored, tailor-made training with top-level specialists in cultural journalism and who can experience field-work at a film festival. It is a unique and concrete opportunity to support future cultural journalists.

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