16-23 dec 2023 D-77


Reviews of the Lab Young Critics

The 2nd edition of the Lab of Cultural, Creative and Festival Journalism was held at Les Arcs Film Festival !

6 young Europeans attended the festival to create content, interviewing film crews and writing articles. We publish their articles on our website for everyone to read it and can have a flashback of the festival’s events. Enjoy !


The Talent Village - Short Movies selection

The Talent Village is a section of the Industry Village of Les Arcs Film Festival with the goal of promoting up-and-coming European directors. The initiative offers a 3-day workshop with industry professionals and the screening of their short movies.


Les Arcs “Industry Village”: a conversation with the artisans of Alps cinema

Three producers talks about the importance of collaboration between regional companies and how to finance their projects.


Ólafur Darri Ólafsson: “Today’s children films are too soft”

The icelandic-american actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson talks about Beautiful Beings, the icelandic choice to represent its country at the Oscar. Violence, adolescence and dreamlike visions are the ingredients of a film that has been a success on its film festival’s journey.


At dinner with the co-founder of Les Arcs Film Festival

Discovering the story behind the event and some helpful clues about making a film festival.


Frédéric Boyer: "We need to surprise the audience"

On a snowy morning, we met with Frédéric Boyer, the artistic director of Les Arcs Film Festival (Artistic Director of Tribeca Film Festival since 2012, Les Arcs Film Festival since 2009 and RIFF in Reykjavik since 2020) to talk about the selection of this 14th edition, the future of European cinema and how unique this festival is.


Green Charter: trust the process – the ecologic path for film festivals

Last Sunday, 11th December, Les Arcs Film Festival hosted the Green Charter workshop, putting a focus on sustainability in the context of movie festivals. This event exposed the current problems and its situation and suggested realistic solutions to make the industry greener.


A day in the Talent Village

Last December 12th, in Les Arcs Film Festival, the projects of eight filmmakers students came to an end, crafting new cinema talents.


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