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Bookings: for whom, why, how?

If you possess a pass or an accreditation, you can book your screening for the salle Taillefer at Arc 1800 and La Scène at Bourg Saint Maurice (evening screenings, as indicated in the program). The Opening and Closing Ceremonies may also be booked, be careful, the first arrived is the first seated, come in early! For both ceremonies, it is preferable to come at least 15 minutes before the start, otherwise you risk to lose your reservation. On other events and screenings, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the event.

What is the use of booking a ticket?
It will assure you a seat at least up to 10 minutes before the beginning of the screening. Be careful, after this delay, the seats will be allocated to other persons without reservation who will be queueing for the screening.

If I did not book, can I come anyway?
We save lots of seats for the spectators who do not book tickets prior to the screening. However, we will firstly open the doors to the spectators who will have booked their seat. Consequently, it is possible that the seats left might not be the ones you hoped for...

If I cannot book a screening anymore, does it mean it is full?
No, as explained in the paragraph above, we save seats that are, consequently, un-bookable. But arrive early to make sure to get in!

I have a Pass Club, do I need to book tickets ?
We save a few rows of seats for the Pass Club holders. If there are more Pass Club holders than there are seats available, you may have to sit on the last seats available. By booking, you would thus be assured to have a nice and comfortable seat, and you will be the first to enter the screening room. You will also have more choices of seats to pick!

What is the difference between « add to my program » and « book a screening »?
In your « My festival » space, when you peruse the program, you have the possibility to add screenings to your program. It allows you to design a personalized " feuille de route " of your festival by saving in your online space the films and screenings that are of interest to you. Adding screenings will not commit you to attend them, and it does not garanty you a seat either, contrary to the reservation.
OK, understood! So, how do we do to book tickets?

  • Click on « Screenings program » on the top right of lesarcs-filmfest.com website. 
  • In the left-hand column, find an access to « My festival » 
  • If you never logged in before, click on « Create an account », it will take 2 minutes of your time (we do not ask for 36 information, no worries!). Make sure to log in with the email address you used when you ordered your pass or accreditation.
  • If you already have an account, click on « log in »

You are successfully logged in, now make sure that your account is linked to your pass or accreditation when it is the case. If someone bought a pass for you, ask them to link said pass to your email (the same that you used to create your account) or to fill in the code written on your pass.

From then on, choose a screening you wish to book seats for. 

  • Make your choice in the sub-menu « Program » on the left-hand side of the page. You may browse the program either by day, category, or screening
  • The screenings you may book have the mention « reservation possible », click on it
  • Click on « Book a seat », and this does the trick!

If you come with your crew, be it as a couple or in family, every person must have their personal account and make the reservation (1 account = 1 email address).

You will find all the screenings you booked in your online space, under the section " my program ". 

When you will arrive at the tickets checking, you will need to queue in the priority line.
Be careful, if you decide not to come, be friendly and cancel your booking so other spectators may benefits from your extra seat.

And most of all, do not forget: youre seat is booked up to 10 minutes before the screening. After that, your booking will not be valid anymore and you will have to queue just like everyone else and risk not to enter the screening.

Do you still have an issue? Contact us at support[at]lesarcs-filmfest.com, we are here to help you out :)

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