Last Dance

Last Dance


Switzerland, Belgium

2022 / 83’ / National Premiere / French
Third feature

Germain, an introspective retiree, abruptly becomes a widower at 75. He barely has the time to realise what happened to him before his family forces their way into his daily life with organised activities. Honouring a promise made to his wife, he finds himself in a contemporary dance company.

Thu 15 December20:00 - 22:10 Le Coeur d'Or 1
The screening will be preceded by the short film in Competition Martingale by Marthe Verdet.
DirectorDelphine LEHERICEY.
CastFrançois BERLÉAND, Kacey MOTTET KLEIN, La RIBOT, Déborah LUKUMUENA, Jean-Benoit UGEUX, Astrid WHETTNALL and Sabine TIMOTEO.
ScreenplayDelphine LEHERICEY.
CinematographerHichame Alaouié .
EditorNicolas RUMPL.
MusicNicolas RABAEUS.
SoundFrançois MUSY.
ProductionBox Productions and Need Productions.
SalesBe for Films.
DistributorEpicentre Films.

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