15-22 december 2018 D-87

Practical infos


Cinema Pass

Allows access to every public screening scheduled in the theatres of the resort from December 16 to 23 (within the limit of available seats), and a copy of our catalogue (within the available stock).


Priority Pass

Perfect to avoid the lines and to make sure you get a seat for any screening, at the Bernard Taillefer Centre, at the Cœur d’Or and la Scène (ex- Le Savoy) in Bourg Saint Maurice.

Weekend Pass

Enjoy the festival and all the screenings of the opening weekend.

The advantages of the Cinema Pass

The Pass holders may receive discounts in the stores and the restaurants of the station. Enjoy preferential prices upon presentation of your pass.

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Practical information

Pre-sale passes must be withdrawn in the draw-point selected when ordered, upon presentation of an identity card: 

  • at "Le Cœur d'Or" theatre in Bourg Saint Maurice, the selling point of the festival, starting Friday December 15th between 5 PM and 7:30 PM, and when there are screenings 
  • at Bernard Taillefer Centre in Arc 1800, starting Saturday December 16th, between 3 PM and 6 PM, and when there are screenings 
  • at Manoir Savoie in Arc 1950, starting Saturday December 16th, and during the festival week from 9 AM to 7 PM. 

From Saturday 16th to 23rd of December 2017, buy your tickets and passes at the festival selling points:

  • at "Le Cœur d'Or" theatre in Bourg Saint Maurice (when there are screenings),
  • at Bernard Taillefer Centre in Arc 1800 (the 16th from 3PM and the following days from 10 AM to 8:30 PM),
  • at U Culture selling point (Super U, Bourg Saint Maurice).

Tickets are also available at the Festival Hall in Arc 2000, the Golf Hotel, in Arc 1800, when there are screenings.

Pre-sale admissions

pre-sales are now closed

Cinema Pass 32€
Priority Pass 58€
Weekend Pass 15€
Admission fee at selling points
Cinema Pass  36€
Priority Pass 62€
Single Ticket 7€
Discount Ticket 4€
School Group Ticket 3,50€

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