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Work in Progress

Dates of the 2019 Screenings and One-to-one meetings with industry professionals will soon be available.

The Work In Progress session screens excerpts from 15 European films in post-production to sales agents, festival programmers, distributors and funds.

The Work in Progress session invites 15 producers of features in post-production to present their work after a screening of an 6-8-minute excerpt of their film in front of industry professionals. Frédéric Boyer, the Artistic Director of the festival, conducts the session and moderates the Q&As with the participants.

Application dates for 2019 : 
  • August : call for Work in Progress opens
  • October, 15th : call for Work in Progress closes 


For its 10th edition, the 15 selected projects of the Work in Progress session were: 


AND THEN WE DANCED by Levan Akin, produced by French Quarter Film (Sweden), Takes Film (Georgia)

ATLAS ** by Niccolò Castelli, produced by Imagofilm Lugano (Switzerland), Climax (Belgium)
2012 – Tutti Giù, selected at Locarno IFF, winner of Best Feature Film at Filmfestival Kitzbuehel

BERLINER by Marian Crișan, produced by Rova Film (Romania)

BIRDS by Babis Makridis, produced by Neda Film (Greece) for the Onassis Foundation

HALF-SISTER by Damjan Kozole, produced by Vertigo (Slovenia), Film House Bas Celik (Serbia), Propeler Film (Hungary), Sister And Brother Mitevski Production (Macedonia)

HIDE AND SEEK by Victoria Fiore, produced by My Accomplice (United Kingdom), Bronx Film (Italy)

HOMELESS * by Xesc Cabot & Pep Garrido, produced by Alhena Production (Spain), Atiende Films (Spain)

INTERIOR ** by Marek Lechki, produced by Telemark (Poland), Heliograf (Poland), Kineskop (Poland), Monternia (Poland), Toof (Poland)

SYSTEM CRASHER * by Nora Fingscheidt, produced by Weydemann Bros. Gmbh (Germany), Kineo Filmproduktion (Germany), Oma Inge Film (Germany)

THE CASTLE  ** by Lina Lužytė, produced by Artbox (Lithuania), Samson Films (Ireland)

THE DISCIPLE ** by Ivan Ostrochovský, produced by Punkchart Films (Slovakia), Film & Music Entertainment (Ireland), Negativ Ltd. Film Productions (Czech Republic), Point Film (Romania)

THE LAST ONES by Veiko Õunpuu, produced by Homeless Bob Production (Estonia), Bufo (Finland), PRPL (Netherlands)

VARIATIONS * by João Maia, produced by David & Golias (Portugal)

WHITE ON WHITE ** by Theo Court, produced by El Viaje Films (Spain), Pomme Hurlante Films (France), Kundschafter Films (Germany), Don Quijote Films (Chile)

WILLOW by Milcho Manchevski, produced by Banana Film (Macedonia), Pioneer Pictures (Hungary), Saga Film (Belgium), Tirana Film Institute (Albania)

* First feature film projects

** Second feature film projects

Within the scope of the partnership with Flanders Image, two Flemish Work in Progress with sales agents already attached were screened during the session, out of competition:

PATRICK by Tom Mielants, produced by Savage Film, sold by Beta Cinema
RAIN ANYWAY by Gust Van den Berghe, produced by Minds Meet, sold by Coproduction Office

Lastly, to celebrate in our own way Les Arcs Film Festival's 10th birthday, some scenes of the film THE COUNTY directed by Grímur Hákonarson, produced by Netop Films (Iceland), Profile Pictures (Denmark), One Two Films (Germany) and Haut et Court (France), and sold worldwide by New Europe Film Sales, were premiered at the Work in Progress session, also out of competition.

Grímur Hákonarson's previous feature, Rams, one of Les Arcs' Snowflakes, presented at the Coproduction Village in 2013, and as a Work in Progress the following year, was selected in more than 20 festivals worldwide and won prestigious awards, such as Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Festival in 2015.

23 European countries were represented in the selection, including coproduction countries. The applying projects received in 2018 came from 33 different European countries. 

Among all the directors attached to the projects received by the Industry Village for the Work in Progress session, 32% were women and 68% were men.  In the selection, 3 projects were directed by women. The ratio was 20%-80%.

Work in progress prizes 2018

The Eurimages Lab Project Award, worth 50.000 euros in cash and awarded to a project presenting an innovative aspect in its form or narration, and that must respect the following criteria: 
- cooperation/coproduction between at least two countries
- the main producing country must be a member of Eurimages
- the project hasn’t already been granted an Eurimages coproduction aid. 

The eligible films for this Award in 2018 were: Atlas, Birds, Homeless, White on White and Willow. It was granted WHITE ON WHITE by Théo Court (Spain/Chili), produced by El Viaje Films (Spain), Pomme Hurlante Films (France), Don Quijote Films (Chili) and Kundschafter Fimproduktion (Germany).

The TitraFilm Award, worth 10.000 euros in image/sound post-production services for a Work In Progress project non-eligible for the Eurimages prize.

In 2017, it has been granted to the project GIRL by Lukas Dhont (Belgium) produced by Menuet (Belgium), Frakas Productions (Belgium) and Topkapi Films (Netherlands). This debute feature won the Camera d'Or at 2018 Cannes Film festival. In 2018, it was granted to SYSTEM CRASHER by Nora Fingscheidt (Germany), produced by Weydemann Bros. GmbH and Kineo Filmproduktion and coproduced by Oma Inge Films. It was selected for the 2019 Berlinale. 

The awards are granted by a jury of film industry professionals. In 2018, the WiP Jury was composed by Gaia Furrer (Head of Programing for Venice Film Festival's Giornate degli Autori), Trevor Groth (30WEST) and Alex Traila (Romanian representative to Eurimages).


Selection 2017

The selected projects were:

  • ASYMMETRY – THREE TERRITORIES * by Maša Nešković (Serbia) produced by This and That Productions (Serbia), Animated Society (Albania) and Studio Korektif (Slovenia)

  • THE BLUE ORCHID * by Carl Marott (Denmark) produced by Masterplan Pictures (Denmark) and Les films du Carré (Belgium)

  • CASSANDRO THE EXOTICO * by Marie Losier (France) produced by Tamara Films (France)

  • CORE OF THE WORLD by Natalia Meschaninova (Russia) produced by CTB Film Company (Russia) and Just A Moment (Lithuania)

  • ELECTRIC GIRL * by Ziska Riemann (Germany) produced by Niko Film (Germany), A Private View (Belgium) and Wüste Filmproduktion (Germany)


  • GIRL by Lukas Dhont (Belgium) produced by Menuet (Belgium), Frakas Productions (Belgium) and Topkapi Films (Netherlands)

  • GOLD IS ALL THERE IS * by Andrea Caccia (Italy) produced by Dugong Films (Italy), Picofilms (France), Rough Cat (Switzerland)

  • HAPPY, SAD, ANGRY, AFRAID by Ibon Cormenzana (Spain) produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures (Spain), Noodles Production (France) and Scope Pictures (Belgium)

  • THE HUMAN PART by Juha Lehtola (Finland) produced by Bufo (Finland) and Smile Aps (Danemark)

  • JIHAD JANE, DANGEROUSLY SEEKING MARRIAGE by Ciaran Cassidy (Ireland) produced by Fastnet Films (Ireland), New Amsterdam Film Company (Netherlands), Silver Films AB (Sweden)

  • KEYS OF HAPPINESS * by Alexey Fedorchenko (Russia) produced by Saga, Metrafilms (Russia), Atlantida Studio Ltd (Bulgaria)

  • OBEY by Jamie Jones (UK) produced by Harvest Pictures (UK) and Beyond Fiction (UK)

  • OUTSIDE by Michal Hogenauer (Czech Republic) produced by Negativ Ltd Film Production  (Czech Republic), Circe Films (France) and Tasse Film (Latvia)
    2012 – Short Film Tambylles – Selected for Cinéfondation at Cannes IFF
    2008 – Short Film Children Watching Night Trains – Selected at Premiers Plans IFF

  • PRELUDE by Sabrina Sarabi (Germany) produced by Weydemann Bros. GmbH and About:Film (Germany)

One additional film has been selected through our partnership with Torino Film Lab:

  • DIAMANTINO * by Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal) and Daniel Schmidt (USA)  produced by Les Films du Bélier (France), Maria & Mayer (Portugal) and Syndrom Films (Brazil)


Frédéric Boyer
Artistic Director

Jérémy Zelnik
Head of Industry

Anna Ciennik
Industry Village Manager

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin 


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