The French-German Rendez-Vous

From December 16 to 19, 2017


On the occasion of this year’s German Focus, Les Arcs Film Festival welcomes the French-German Rendez-Vous of Cinema, from December 18 to 20, 2017, organized by UniFrance, German Films and the French-German Cinematographic Academy.

The French-German Cinematographic Academy was created in 2003, to harmonize both countries’ production systems and enhance coproductions between them, thus encouraging distribution of French films in Germany, and German films in France. A meeting reuniting producers, distributors and French and German specialists is organized each year by German Films and UniFrance with this purpose. Moreover, the Academy offers counselling consultations for German and French producers looking forward to cooperate with the other country. The website continuously gives updated information about French and German cinematographic economies.

Online subscription is mandatory to access the French-German Rendez-Vous of Cinema. Conferences are however open to professionals accredited to the Industry Village of Les Arcs Film Festival (subject to availability).

For all information, please contact:

- French professionals: Judith Duschl,

- German professionals: Johanna Buse,


The provisional programme will be available soon.


Coproduction Forum:

This year, within the frame of the Industry Village of the festival (December 16 to 19), the 20 selected projects will include 5 German projects and 5 French projects. Producers of those will be invited to attend the French-German Rendez-Vous of Cinema.

Practical infos


Free shuttles are available for the French-German Cinematographic Rendez-Vous participants:

ARRIVALS ON Monday, December 18th: 
  • 12:00 AM from the Chambéry train station, for the participants arriving by train: 
    8:45 AM Paris Gare de Lyon station > 11:50 AM Chambéry
  • 9:30 AM from Geneva airport for participants arriving by plane: 
    7:10 AM Berlin SXF > 8:55 AM Geneva
    7:25 AM Munich > 8:40 AM Geneva

DEPARTURE Wednesday, December 20th:

For the Chambéry train station, departure from Arc 1950 at: 

  • 1:30 PM for the train 4:25 PM Chambéry > 7:15 PM Paris gare de Lyon station
  • 3:30 PM for the train 6:25 PM Chambéry > 9:15 PM Paris gare de Lyon station

For the Geneva airport, departure from Arc 1950 at :

  • 12:00 AM for the flights:
    5:05 PM Geneva > 6:20 PM Munich
    6:45 PM Geneva > 8:05 PM Munich
  • 3:00 PM for the flights :
    8:00 PM Genève > 9:15 PM Munich
    8:55 PM Genève > 10:40 PM Berlin SXF
Participate to the Industry Village :

You may also extend your stay and take part in the Industry Village with an extra fee. 

Please contact us for more information if you wish to extend your stay.


Nina Kawakami
French-German Cinematographic Rendez-Vous Coordinator
+33 (0)1 82 28 50 10

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