Industry Village Awards

Talent Village T-Port Award

The award is granted to the project Paradise Bleeding by Sabine Ehrl.

The jury was composed of Cécile Salin (Diaphana), Amos Geva (T-Port) and Florence Gastaud (Les Compagnons du Cinéma).

The Jury’s motivation to this grant is the following:
"At a time where cinema is struggling worldwide, it is up to the next generation of filmmakers to set a new tone and bring their voices to the screen with even more determination than ever. We feel lucky to have met these 8 promising filmmakers and hear their visions. Selecting one winner was no easy task and we are sure that we will hear about all of these talents in the future. The T-Port award is granted based on the Original vision & unique voice, the singular universe, and style that can also be seen in their previous works. The project brings a brave message about the society the filmmaker grew up in, bringing energy and soul that can be felt even at these early stages of the project."

Arte Kino Award

The award is granted to Le Plus Vivant Possible/Most Alive by Delphine Girard produced by Versus Production.

The jury was composed of Rémi Burah (President of ArteKino Foundation and CEO of Arte France Cinema).

The Jury’s motivation to this grant is the following:
"It has been quite difficult to decide about the prize, and we made the choice to go on a first movie, a female director, and a very strong topic, that she has already treated in a short movie very strong, and so the ArteKino International Award goes to "Le Plus Vivant Possible/Most Alive" de Delphine Girard produced by Versus Production."

Work in Progress Awards

These awards have been attributed by a jury composed of Eva Sangiorgi (Director of the Viennale, Austria), Karel Och (Artistic Director of Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic), Alex Trӑilӑ (Eurimages Representative), Claire Burger (Film Director) and Fabien Lemercier (Journalist).

Eurimages Lab Project Award

6 projects were competing for this award, which is dedicated to innovative projects in terms of content, form, production and rewards the winner with 50.000 euros.

The award is granted to the project Magdala directed by Damien Manivel.

The Jury’s motivation to this grant is the following:
"A mystical and sensorial immersion in the heart of nature. A sincere non convention cinematic journey in the last days of Maria Magdalena, through the striking expressiveness of Elsa Wolliaston."

TitraFilm Award

11 projects were in competition for this award, which consists in 10.000 euros of post-production services image and/or sound in kind.

The award is granted to the project Clara Sola directed by Natalie Alvarez Mesen.

The Jury’s motivation to this grant is the following:
"An echanting debut that explores sexuality and spirituality with poetry and grace, crossing the boundaries between the realism and magic."

Alphapanda Audience Engagement Award

Les Arcs Industry Village has the pleasure to collaborate with Alphapanda to provide an award oriented towards digital film marketing. Every projects were eligible to the Alphapanda Audience Engagement Award, which attributes to one project an award of 5 000€ - composed of 600€ of advertising spend and 4 400€ in-kind to develop a digital marketing strategy and implement a social media campaign around the awarded film’s festival premiere.

The award is granted to the project Reflection by Valentyn Vasyanovitch.

The jury was composed of Juliette Schrameck (Producer), Joanna Solecka (Alphapanda) and Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda).

The Jury’s motivation to this grant is the following:
"The material we have seen depicts with outstanding power a human condition under a military conflict which has lasted for 7 years in Ukraine while remaining underexposed in the international media.
The final scene of the work in progress featuring the father and daughter contain the promise of a touching and intimate story with a universal impact. We are confident that this film will make audiences more aware, both on an emotional and a political level."

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