Questions and answers regarding the COVID situation

Last update December 5th 2021

While COVID19 is still ongoing, the festival has implemented a certain number of protocols in accordance with governmental regulations, for everyone’s safety. Please note that these informations are likely to evolve depending on the situation, the regulations and our structure. Do no hesitate to reach us if you have any questions at


Travel to Les Arcs, 

Anticipate on your travel conditions, travellers coming from certain countries may enter France depending on some vaccination conditions and on the approval of vaccines on the French territory. 

For passengers travelling through Geneva airport, you are required to provide a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) upon arrival in Switzerland, even if only transiting through the country and going to France, and even if fully vaccinated. Please make arrangements to get tested before your arrival.

You also have to fill the entry form before entering Switzerland, less than 48 hours before boarding your plane

You also have to fulfil French regulations. So please check the French regulations here 

You may also check your entry conditions in Geneva airport with the Swiss system ​​

These are the rules as of today but please note that this is subject to change if Swiss regulations are updated. We will update this page if this is the case.

If you plan to travel through Switzerland as a non-EU citizen, you cannot enter Switzerland if you are not fully vaccinated, even with a negative PCR test. 

Travelling directly to France (by car, by train, or through Lyon airport)

You have to fulfil French regulations. So please check the French regulations here 

For non-EU guests, you will have to show a proof of a negative PCR test (less than 72 hours) or antigen test (less than 48 hours) to enter France, even if vaccinated, but in any case you’ll have it as we require it ourselves. 


Travelling back to you country 

Please check the regulations to travel back to your country. 

For all international guests travelling back from Geneva airport, you will be required to provide a PCR test upon going back through Switzerland. We will organize the testing in Les Arcs. You will receive an email from the team about this soon, but you may already fill this google form while waiting for it. 

Please note that the test will be at your own expenses (44 euros for a PCR test, up to 25 euros for an antigen test). 


We ask ALL our participants, including if you are fully vaccinated, to provide a  negative PCR or antigen test upon arrival in Les Arcs. We ask for a 48 hours negative test for all guests with a complete vaccinal scheme, and a 24 hours negative test for all the others. We will also accept a 72 hours negative PCR test for participants travelling through Geneva airport. This test and your Green pass will be checked by the team. 

If you have a certificate proving that you were positive more than 11 days ago and less than 1 month ago, this will also be accepted. 

The resort is a village, it’s an added security for everyone. If you are tested positive while being at the festival, you may be placed in solitary confinement depending on the quarantine period established by the authorities. You may not be able to get back to your country before this period ends, at your own expenses. 


The health pass is mandatory in all of the festival covered and closed areas and will be requested. We will conveniently provide a wristband that will allow access to the venues without having to be rechecked for festival goers with a full vaccination up to date, on demand. Only health passes with a French or European QR code that can be validated by the « Tous anti covid » app will be accepted. The health pass is provided to the ones whose full vaccination schedule is up to date or who have been tested negative 24 hours prior, in a pharmacy or by any other approved person, as to date. If you are not vaccinated, you will have to be tested everyday.



According to the latest obligations, wearing a mask will be mandatory on all covered and closed sites of the festival and 50m around the entrance outside of those sites. 


Other barrier gestures 

Remember to keep your distance, avoid kissing, hugging and shaking hands and to regularly apply anti-bacterial gel. Gel suppliers will be available in most of the festival locations. 

Onsite responsibility

If you present Covid19 symptoms during your stay, please stay isolated and warn us :

Reminder on the EU digital COVID certificate conditions 



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