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Jérémie Renier

Actor, Belgium

Coming from the flat country, Jérémie Renier has shot for multiple European filmmakers: Christophe Gans (Le Pacte des Loups), Olivier Assayas (L’Heure d’été) or the British Martin Mcdonagh (In Bruges) for example. Faithful, he likes to collaborate several times with his favourite directors: Bertrand Bonello (Le pornographe and Saint Laurent), François Ozon (Les amants criminels, Potiche and L'amant double) and fellow countrymen Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne (La Fille Inconnue, Le gamin au vélo, Le Silence de Lorna, L’Enfant and La Promesse). Winner of the Jean Gabin Award in 2006 after being nominated at Les César for Violence des échanges en milieu tempéré the previous year, Jérémie is today inevitably associated with Claude François to whom he lent his features in the biopic directed by Florent Siri which won him a Crystal Globe and a Swann d'Or in 2013. He also received a Magritte for his role in Saint Laurent in 2015 and for his performance in Potiche in 2012.

Jérémie Renier came to present at Les Arcs Film Festival L'ordre des médecins by David Roux last year.

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