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Gemma Arterton

Actress, United Kingdom

On both sides of the Atlantic, we hear about Gemma Arterton. Her first major Hollywood role was in Quantum of Solace, the 2008 James Bond film, before she joined the cast of the peplum Clash of the Titans and the adventure film Prince of Persia in 2010. She also landed the female title role of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter in 2013 and played in the thriller Players the same year. In Europe, she will play the lead role in the comedy Tamara Drew in 2010 but will also participate in various projects such as Byzantium, Neil Jordan’s fantastic film, or The Voices, Marjane Satrapi’s horrific comedy. In France, she played the title role of Gemma Bovery in front of Anne Fontaine’s camera alongside Fabrice Luchini in 2014. She recently returned to her home country for Chanya Button’s Vita and Virginia in 2018 and joined the cast of Matthew Vaughn’s popular British saga Kingsman.

Gemma Arterton came to Les Arcs Film Festival in 2017 to present Dominic Savage’s film The Escape.


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