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Abel Ferrara

Director, USA

Sulphurous and controversial director Abel Ferrara, offered independent cinema many critical successes in the 90s such as Bad Lieutenant, The King of New York or New Rose Hotel.
Collecting more than 40 nominations since the beginning of his career, he was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in Venice for Mary in 2005 and the Leopard of Honour in Locarno in 2011 for 4h44 Last Day on Earth.
In his filmography, Abel Ferrara offers major roles to talents such as Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Béatrice Dalle, Juliette Binoche and Asia Argento.
In 2010, the international film festival Entrevues at Belfort pays tribute to the director in its annual retrospective.

In 2012, he leaves New York for Rome where he directs Tommaso, selectedin the Hauteur section at the Arcs Film Festival in 2019.

© Alexandra Fleurantin

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