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Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize

The 'Déplacer les montagnes' programme enables us to reflect on current and future changes in society, through the prism of good ideas to be shared and the actions that can arise from them, using cinema as a tool for reflection, an open window on Europe and the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The 'Déplacer les montagnes' prize has been running since 2019 and aims to highlight a film that helps, in its own way, to move the lines on a social issue, whether it be on the theme of the environment, inclusion or mental health. It's the kind of film that makes you feel a bit different after you've seen it...

In 2023, the winning film was Le Règne Animal. The prize was presented to its director Thomas Cailley and its producer Pierre Guyard, in the presence of actor Romain Duris, at a ceremony held on 20 December at the coeur d'or cinema in Bourg-saint-Maurice. The ceremony was followed by a screening of the film.




Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize 2019 (year the prize was created) : AU NOM DE LA TERRE by Édouard Bergeon
Prize in partnership with TV5Monde

Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize 2020 : I AM GRETA by Nathan Grossman about Greta Thunberg
Prize in partnership with TV5Monde

Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize 2021 : PRESQUE by Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan
Prize in partnership with On Est Prêt and TV5Monde

Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize 2022 : LA BELLE VILLE by Manon Turina, François Marques
Prize in partnership with UniversCiné

Déplacer Les Montagnes Prize 2023 : LE RÈGNE ANIMAL by Thomas Cailley
Prize in partnership with the festival Pop & Psy and ENGIE


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