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Déplacer Les Montagnes

The concept 



This program consists of inviting major social issues into every part of our festival, in an approach that is both humble, constructive and committed. Cinema is a formidable tool for alerting, raising awareness and inspiring enthusiasm on the subjects of ecology, living together, and a cinema that is more inclusive and more representative of the diversity of our societies.

Déplacer les Montagnes means doing our part, as a film festival, to choose thought-provoking films, generating encounters, reflections, exchanges of experience and commitments for the future.

Within this framework, we organize for the general public:
- Workshops, conferences and debates on these societal themes;
- Presentation of the "Déplacer les Montagnes" award to a film that uses cinema to raise awareness of a subject or cause;


Fabienne Silvestre

Lison Hervé
Industry Village coordinator

Anne Pouliquen
Responsible for Le Sommet

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