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Cinéma en Thérapie

“Cinéma en thérapie : mental health infront and behind cameras"”

After reflecting on the subject of parity in cinema in 2016 and that of the ecological transition in 2019, this year we're inviting another major social issue to the festival, that of mental health, which will be the thematic thread running through our 15th edition.

We approached this subject with the humility of non-specialists, the awareness of its sensitivity and the conviction that mental health is a taboo that it's time to lift in our sector as in society as a whole.

We looked both at what goes on behind the camera: how are the people who work in the film industry, and how does the industry take up these subjects? What are the specifics of working in the film industry? What are the consequences for the mental health of its professionals?

We also looked at how the subject is treated in front of the camera, in terms of representations. As we know, cinema has a role to play in modeling the imaginary. How does it play its part in de-stigmatizing people with disorders? How does it lift certain taboos? How does cinema approach the question of its responsibility to take up, or not, these subjects? And what role do artists play in changing mentalities?

We were honored to welcome Dr. Jean-Victor Blanc, psychiatrist at Saint Antoine Hospital and lecturer at Sorbonne University, to accompany us throughout our reflections and the festival. Passionate about pop culture, he created the Culture Pop & Psy concept and the eponymous festival, to be held in Paris in November, of which the festival is a partner.

Program for the bigger public and young generations : 

Films with a link to the subject of mental health have been integrated into our Déplacer les Montagnes label and accompanied by debates.

The European ciné-débat took place around a film chosen for its link with this theme. A meeting have been organized at the Cité Scolaire to prepare the screening with the students, followed by a debate with Dr. Jean-Victor Blanc and the director of the chosen film.

Program directed towards professionals :

A collective intelligence workshop have been organized as part of the Industry village, so that the producers, sellers and distributors present can reflect together on : "mental health in cinema: an elephant under the (red) carpet? the specific question of addictions.

A night at the refuge has been organized with professionals from the entire cinema chain and experts, psychiatrists and journalists, to reflect on this theme in a time and place conducive to in-depth reflection. Entitled: "Mental health in cinema, behind and in front of the camera: a night in a refuge to talk about it". A podcast from our partner, le Media de l'ADN, has been recorded on return, with the participants of this night telling us what came out of it.


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