October 16, 2019

Les Arcs Film Festival: a green event

A festival is a wonderful moment of human encounter that participates in the richness of exchanges. Unfortunately, it is also a source of pollution, particularly because of the inevitable transportation to our beautiful mountains. We cannot and will not be perfect and we do not want to give ecological lessons to anyone. But this festival can also be a wonderful opportunity to think, invent, collaborate and raise awareness around the topics of eco-responsibility.
Les Arcs Film Festival is, for a week, a highlight for the entire European film industry. We want to take this opportunity to reflect, raise awareness, anticipate the future, find ideas and solutions together on the broad themes of ecology and eco-responsibility. We will therefore place this subject at the heart 
of our professional events to raise awareness throughout the sector and contribute to its transformation through ideas for collective action:

  • The Industry Village gathers more than 570 professionals of the sector. It’s a one time chance to raise awereness/exchange/stimulate.
  • Hackathon, initiative laboratory, roundtables and workshops: the Summit is a hub for good ideas and good practices!

We also believe that cinema can have a powerful impact in terms of awareness. This subject will therefore be at the heart of our programme toward the public audience. Our courses of action to initiate change with the general public:

  • Programming in the different sections of  ‘eco-responsible’ labelized films thanks to their theme or their production process
  • Presentation of a ‘cinema and environmental commitment’ award to a personality from the world of cinema who has worked this year to ‘move the lines’
  • Organisation of a debate for the general public between personalities commited to these issues and an iconic director

What about us, what do we do every day about ecology?

  • commitment to an environmental charter
  • labelled suppliers
  • use of 'green' energy
  • bicycle courier 
  • waste sorting and recycling
  • preference for the least polluting transport
  • rationalization on our publications to avoid waste
  • carbon offsetting

October 16, 2019

Les Arcs Film Festival: an accessible event

Les Arcs Film Festival team makes a point to welcome all those who wish to participate at the event.
All our screening rooms are therefore accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, some station journeys are made difficult by varying weather conditions, making it difficult to access some sites and through some complex infrastructures (many elevators, small stairs...).. The festival informs you that the most easily accessible rooms are those of Bourg Saint Maurice (La Scène et le Coeur d'Or) and the Bernard Taillefer Centre.
In addition, we will organize for the first time this year screenings with audio-description and/or closed captioning, depending on the needs of spectators with disabilities. Unfortunately, since most films are shown in preview, these options do not exist for all the features presented in our selections (especially for foreign films). However, we are committed to ensuring that we offer as many as possible to festival-goers.
We suggest that physically, sensory or cognitively handicapped people contact us and let us know of your needs, we will do our best to meet them : contact@lesarcs-filmfest.com

October 16, 2019

Les Arcs Film Festival: a familial event

Les Arcs Film Festival is a real paradise for your tiny tots! Perfectly adapted and accessible, the ski station will welcome your children in the best conditions.

• The “Cariboo’s Club” will be the eldorado of your little ones from 3 to 13 years old. The “P'tit Cariboo” crèche can even receive your toddlers from the age of 9 months. Opened from Sunday until Friday, from 8:30 am untill 5:30 pm. For more information and price, please visit: https://www.cariboo1950.com/welcome

Ski lessons for all levels are also available for children from the age of 3 in all the villages of Les Arcs. For more information and price, please visit: https://www.evolution2-lesarcs.com/welcome

• In addition, a babysitter service will be set up during the festival.

We try to provide the best services to welcome your children so don’t hesitate, come and enjoy this eleventh edition of the festival with your family!

NB: Les Arcs Film Festival team would like to remind you that a stay at such a high altitude is not recommended for infants under the age of 6 months old. If you are unsure, please consult your pediatrician.

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