April 1, 2020

Les Arcs Film Festival will organise its professional events in igloos and saunas

Anticipating the post-lock down, while chances are that the virus will still be active, the festival looks ahead.

We foresee to build 17 igloos and to use the 12 saunas of the resort in order for the professional event can take place in small areas with few people at the same time, with extreme temperature so that the virus can not survive.

The O'Chaud party will be maintained as the inside temperature is never lower than 42°c.

The projections will be broadcasted on the internal network of the resort.

THIS WAS OF COURSE AN APRIL'S FOOL JOKE! Sorry, confined spirits are not the finest ;)

December 16, 2019

800 professionals gathered to create the cinema of tomorrow

Les Arcs Film Festival is now a must-attend event for European independent film professionals. Through the Industry Village - a market for financing feature films - and the Sommet Distributants/Exploitants, all sectors of the film and music industries are represented and brought together in one week!

December 16, 2019

Les Arcs Film Festival: A link between music and cinema

For the past six years, the Music Village has been bringing together professionals from both industries and highlighting their inseparable links. Film music composers, music supervisors, publishers and labels participate in Industry Village events (conferences, masterclasses, networking, etc.). The OFF program gives pride of place to music in all its forms.

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