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Les Arcs Film Festival

The Festival has become a major cultural event with a focus on the promotion of the European in its diversity and of the many talents our continent has to offer.

Located in the Alps, in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, the Festival gives you both the chance to enjoy the first snows of the year and to attend screenings all day long in the presence of their crews. Unforgettable parties, special events, concerts and DJ sets are also organized at night!

The Festival offers an ambitious programme, mostly French premieres. About 120 films, all European (Turkey and Russia included), will be screened in the 8 screening rooms of the resort:

  • 10 films in the Official Competition for the Crystal Arrow award, and 25 shorts.
  • 10 great European films in Playtime
  • 10 European auteur films in Hauteur
  • 12 feature films and several short films around a country or a thematic in the Focus
  • Films for our younger audience
  • Genre films
  • Musical Films
  • Special Screenings


These films bring forward the cultural values of the event:

novelty, quality, originality, diversity.


In 2021, nearly 20,000 viewers and 700 professionals attended our screenings.

Les Arcs Film Festival is also a great professional not-to-be-missed event. More than 1000 invited film professionals (filmmakers, film crews, European film schools, producers, distributors...) are gathered in a unique work venue to facilitate the emergence of new projects and to promote the circulation and distribution of European cinema.

Over 100 journalists from all over Europe will relay the event and highlight the diversity of today’s and tomorrow’s European cinema.

The 2021 key figures of the festival


Screened films 111
Countries represented 35

Theaters and screenings

Number of theatres 7
Number of screenings 161

Public et professionals

Total number of spectators 19,527
Accredited professionals 1,524

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