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La Monnaie de Paris once again worked with Les Arcs Film Festival to create the trophies for the Official Competition.

Joaquin Jimenez, creative director of La Monnaie de Paris (who designed the one and two euro coins as well as many commemorative coins), designed the Crystal Arrow, a solid silver cast with a slender design. A pure, light and crystalline shape inspired by the snow that covers the Haute Tarentaise, Les Arcs massif. A prestigious trophy, which outlines the identity of our festival and Les Arcs.

9 other trophies are declined for secondary prizes. Each trophy is handmade in the Parisian art workshops of La Monnaie de Paris at 11 quai de Conti, using a technique inherited from its ancestral know-how: lost wax. Since the opening of the museum in 2017, visitors can also discover the work of the craftsmen and in particular the foundry where the trophies are made.



Coined in France, in the workshops of La Monnaie de Paris, these medals are made in the tradition of arts and crafts.

The face of the medal bears the effigy of Les Arcs Film Festival and its reverse side is stamped with the logo of La Monnaie de Paris, vintage.

This medal is a true creation that honours the famous Crystal Arrow and will be an emblematic souvenir of your participation at the festival.

About La Monnaie de Paris

Founded in 864, La Monnaie de Paris is the oldest French institution. It provides a public service for the minting of current euros for France and other foreign currencies. For twelve centuries it has cultivated a high tradition in metal-related arts and crafts, and as such is a member of the Comité Colbert, which brings together French luxury goods companies. For 1150 years, La Monnaie de Paris has been engraving on its coins and medals the highlights, the great figures and the emblems of our country and our culture. Long before the cinema, photography and printing, coins made it possible to circulate images and emotions to as many people as possible. As such, it is a partner of the major film events for which it produces trophies.

In its workshops, in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, La Monnaie de Paris also houses the capital's last art foundry, where the trophies of Les Arcs Film Festival are created each year, with the iconic Crystal Arrow.

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