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Privacy policy (GDPR)

Privacy policy (GDPR)

Les Arcs Film Festival cares about your privacy. Here are our General data protection regulations, according to the European laws.

You can consult and modify your information and preferences
directly on register.lesarcs-filmfest.com

Association “Révélations Culturelles” (called “Révélations Culturelles below) created under the French law “Loi 1901” organises Les Arcs Film Festival. Révélations Culturelles is committed to protecting data and states its wish to be transparent on the way it collects, processes and uses data, gathered since 2009.
For any question or remark, feel free to contact the association:
-      per mail : contact@lesarcs-filmfest.com
-      per telephone: +33 (0)182285010
-      per post: Association Révélations Culturelles - 10 rue des Goncourt 75011 Paris, France
The following privacy policy is based on the European Directive « General Data Protection Regulation» of the European Parliament and of the Council (April, 27th 2016) entered into force on May, 25th 2018.
Révélations Culturelles has written the following privacy policy to inform its contacts, sponsors, festival participant, users of its website (https://lesarcs-filmfest.com/fr), users of its management platform Festiciné of its way to collect and process personal data.
The data are gathered and/or managed and hosted by an online software called FestiCiné, managed by a third-party company called SAS Le Village, based 10 rue des Goncourt, 75011 Paris, France.
Our data is our own and only property and Le Village is not responsible for the usage we make of it.
In the frame of its professional activities – that is to say the organisation of Les Arcs Film Festival – association Révélations Culturelles collects personal information and centralises data on its managing platform FestiCiné. Different types of data are collected:
-      The first name, last name, birth date, gender, spoken language(s), photograph
-      Professional activity, department, name of the company
-      Professional and personal (if needed during the festival) telephone numbers
-      Professional and personal (if needed during the festival) email address
-      Professional or personal post address
-      Background attendance at Les Arcs Film Festival
-      Accommodation preferences (in some very specific cases)
-      Biography, name and contact of agent, previous festival selection, links to films directed in some specific cases of information regarding talents (directors, actors, actresses, DOP…). This information is either gathered when entering a film or a project, or gathered on publications (website, magazine, IMDB…).
Depending on your status (service provider, sponsor, film industry professional, journalist, talents, member of staff, festival participant etc.), Révélations Culturelles might use your personal data:
-        To keep you updated on festival activities during the year and during the event, mostly through newsletters
-        To create physical supports (badges) which allows professionals to attend the event
-        To facilitate the registration of professionals from year to year
-        To print festival catalogue, which gathers all contact information on professionals attending the festival, and therefore to facilitate networking during the event. Release of your personal data in the printed catalogue is under your control, as you can notify us of your denial at any time until 40 days before the festival.
-        To report and estimate public fidelity year after year, by recording activities of each user of Festiciné.
-        To be able to contact any professional, granted with an accreditation, in order to make his/her experiment of the festival as comfortable as possible.
-        To report festival audience diversity to public authorities, that granted Révélations Culturelles’ association with public aids.
-        To link film information and personal data, in order to organise screenings and facilitate talents’ invitation.
-        For professional granted with accreditation: during Premiere screenings or screenings for professionals only, we might list participants, to let film distributor know who has attended the screening.
-        For every Festival participant: to settle statistics allowing us to know exactly the nature of the public - ranked per social category, age, gender if asked - and the total amount of screenings seen by each participant. These data are not and will never be spread publicly, except for specific occasion and if your consent is explicit.
-        To answer any demand from tax authorities or any governmental organism, if information is needed in a legal frame.
-        For Festival partners / sponsors and service providers: to carry out terms of a signed contract.
-        Via online registration for any accreditation demand (press, industry, talents)
-        Via newsletter subscription
-        Via invitation at the film competition
-        Via film & project submission
-        Via any proposition of service delivery (particularly in the frame of “Le Sommet des Arcs”) or sponsoring
-        Via online ticket purchase
-        Via spin-off product purchase
-        Via any job or internship application. Please note that if you are working for Révélations Culturelles, your data will be also collected.
-        Via any communication – per email, per telephone or per post – with Révélations Culturelles
Révélations Culturelles is committed to protecting personal data. Therefore, your personal data will not be used for any purpose that you have not been aware of. Data will not be spread publicly without your explicit consent (particularly regarding the release of the official guide of the Festival). They will not be used either for commercial purposes or transmitted to a third party.
Data can nevertheless be communicated to tax authorities or governmental organisms if personal information is needed in a legal frame.
They can also be conveyed to companies that will take care of you during Festival (resorts, restaurants, transport…).
Révélations Culturelles is a client of the company Le Village, that is the supplier of the programming management platform “FestiCiné”.
In accordance with GDPR, personal data that are collected and centralised in Festiciné stay confidential at any time. The company Le Village signs a confidentiality charter to assure the confidentiality of data collected by its clients – that is to say festivals organizers. Festiciné’s staff does not in any circumstances use data collected by festivals: the company owns the platform but does not have the rights to the database.
Le Village has implemented a security tool - called Logbook - that tracks activities, connections and actions of any user on the platform (that includes also Le Village’s staff). It drastically limits risks of public disclosures by Le Village’s staff. The team is also subject to a non-disclosure agreement: it cannot access to data collected by the client (festival), except when the client (festival) gives its explicit approval (that is to say in specific cases, where the staff need to access the data to solve a technical problem).
Clients of Festiciné remain sole responsible of personal data collection, processing and use.
As explained above, Révélations Culturelles centralises personal data on its management platform called Festiciné. This platform is secured by a unique login and password, assigned to each user. The platform also allows giving a limited access to personal data for users – included member of festival staff - when it is needed.
Révélations Culturelles’ team is subject to a non-disclosure agreement. It solely uses personal data in the strict frame of Les Arcs Film Festival’s organisation. Members of staff are sensitized to confidential issues related to the use and processing of personal data.
In accordance with GDPR and responding to your explicit demand (per phone, per email or per post) at any time, Révélations Culturelles is committed to transmitting you a list of your personal data collected on Festiciné within 30 days. You have the right to access, right to rectification, and right to removal of the personal data we collected from you.
You have also the right to choose your preferences regarding newsletters we might send you.

You can also consult and modify your information and preferences directly on register.lesarcs-filmfest.com

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