Cinema Green Lab

Les Arcs Film Festival creates the Cinema Green Lab

2019 represented a turning point for Les Arcs Film Festival team. Ecology is finally asserting itself as an increasingly crucial issue in our society. We felt that the professional and the general public were ready to support concrete proposals. We felt that we too were ready to move to a more impactful level. 

In Les Arcs, although we are aware that a festival is inevitably a generator of pollution, we also think that this gathering of human who have come from all over Europe to see and make the cinema of tomorrow is a cultural wealth that can also be a real opportunity to participate in changing mentalities.

Inform, raise awareness, debate, show, reflect, question, create, stimulate... A film festival is all this. Placing the subject of ecology at the heart of a film festival means bringing to the subject everything the festival is capable of.

Why a "Lab"?

In 2016, we created the Lab Femmes de Cinéma, which has worked and is still working on the place of women in cinema. The strength of the Lab lies in the methods developed in collective intelligence, which enable listening, reflection and action at many levels.

Although much progress is still to be made, many people recognise the "Lab" as having a strong impact in the paradigm shift that is taking place. 

The term "Lab" - which refers to the laboratory, a place where we try, test, allow ourselves to try - corresponds to our approach. We are not an example of virtue, we are not a lesson-giver, we do not come up with ready-made solutions but propose to reflect together, to put forward examples, to experiment, to pool our creativity.

Concretely, what was Cinema Green Lab 2019 like?

We proposed events for the general public and professionals.

For the general public:

  • "Cinema Green Lab" label for films in the programme, to accompany the spectator's journey. 
  • Presentation of the "Cinema and Environment" award to the director, producer and actor of the film "In the Name of the Land".
  • Debate on the film " The Great Green Wall " with Noël Mamère
  • Production and broadcasting of a 9-episode podcast on the subject

For professionals:

  • Workshop for the implementation of a green charter for film festivals
  • Conference on eco-responsible filming
  • Conference on the production of fictional films, which by their theme or production method, can help to raise public awareness of respect for the environment.
  • Workshop on the ecological impact of cinemas
  • Case study of an eco-cinema project in an eco-neighbourhood
  • Reflection on a better use of paper in cinemas, as part of the "Hackathon du Cinéma"

For the young public:

  • Meeting with Yann Arthus Bertrand
  • Meeting with two committed Youtube players, Akim Oniri and Jérémy Nadeau, and the collective "On est prêt". 

2021 Commitment paths:

The festival is preparing a charter to which it will commit itself. We still have a lot of progress to make and we need to improve our follow-up, stay tuned to monitor our progress... and accompany us too!

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