Nouvelles Femmes de Cinéma

This year at les Arcs, we are celebrating the new generation of European women filmmakers.
This idea stems from a will: to highlight the talent of "Nouvelles Femmes de Cinéma".

Our programme "Nouvelles Femmes de Cinéma" revolves around the following points:

  • A selection of ten talented emerging European filmmakers who will come and present one of their films.
  • Our study will offer a new insight on this new generation.
  • Two round tables will be organized during the week, so as to delve into the topic.
  • A masterclass dedicated to highschool students.
  • Last, but not least, some think tanks will take place every morning of the week to gather all persons involved.
Air frais (Friss Levegö)

by Ágnes Kocsis
Baden Baden

by Rachel LANG
Belgium, France
Blind sun (Kafsonas)

by Joyce A. Nashawati
Greece, France

by Houda Benyamina

by Nanouk Leopold
Layla Fourie

by Pia Marais
Germany, France, Netherlands

by Jessica Hausner
Austria, Germany, France

by Rebecca Daly
Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands
The Summer of Sangailé (Sangailé)

by Alanté Kavaité
Lithuania, France, Netherlands
Vierge sous serment (Vergine giurata)

by Laura Bispuri
Italy, Albania, Germany, Kosovo