InterActive Village

Innovation, technology, creativity and transdisciplinarity of the arts and culture are part of the DNA of Les Arcs European Film Festival. To pursue this goal of exploring the links between cinema, image and others medias, the InterActive Village is coming back for its second edition!
With the commitment of our creative partners, we take the bet to make you live original and unique experiences. Several experiences will be offered, free of charge!

Don't miss out the Drive Test 360° Experience!

After the 2015 360° Drive-In, Jaguar returns this year with a Drive-Test experience on board of the F-Pace model. While driving, you’ll be captured by 360° cameras so you can keep a long lasting memory of your sensations on board!


An exclusive experience in partnership with Jaguar France, Nikon and Arc 1950 Le Village.


From December 10th-17th - Every half-hour, from 9.30 - 12.30 a.m and 1.30 - 4.30 p.m - Place de l'Horloge, Arc 1950.


Bookings online, thanks for coming ten minutes before the drive test experience with your driving licence. 

Terms & conditions : must be at least 23 years old having, for drivers licence owners only. 




Pop up at the VR Village, at the heart of the ski runs!

Integrated into the new complex Mille8, the VR Village will present the latest virtual reality productions. Immersed in a 360° universe through a virtual reality headset, experience the avant-garde short film La Jetée by Chris Marker and discover many more experiences!


Take the opportunity to create your own dreamlike space through an interactive dream machine. An exclusive content by Digital District to be premiered at the Festival!