The selection

« All You Can Eat Buddha » by Ian Lagarde (Canada) produced by Voyelles Films (Canada) 

« Cemetery » * by Carlos Casas (Spain) produced by MAP productions (France), SodaFilm+Art (UK), Spectre Productions (France), Kimnes/Bersch (Poland) and Film Island Productions (Sri Lanka)

« Dog » * by Florin Serban (Roumania) produced by Fantascope (Roumania) and Harine Film (Poland)

« Dovlatov » * by Alexey Guerman Jr (Russia) produced by SAGa and Metra Films (Russia), and Message Film (Poland)

« Good Luck »(« Gold Mine »)* by Ben Russell (US) produced by KinoElektron (France) and CaSK Films (Germany)

« Hier » * by Balint Kenyeres (Hongry) produced by Mirage Films (Hongry), Les Films de l'après Midi (France), Rotterdam Film (Holland), One Two Films (Germany), Chimney Film (Sweden), Film Vast (Sweden) and La Prod (Morocco)

« I Am Not A Witch » by Rungano Nyoni (UK) produced by  Soda Pictures (UK) and Clandestine Films (France)

« In My Room » * by Ulrich Köhler (Germany) produced by Pandora Filmproduktion (Germany) and Echo Film (Italy)

« Koko-di Koko-da » * by Johannes Nyholm (Sweden) produced by Johannes Nyholm Filmproduktion (Sweden) and BeoFilm (Denmark)

« La part sauvage » by Guérin Van Der Vorst (Belgium) produit by Wrong Men (Belgium) and ChevalDeuxTrois (France)

« My Happy Family » de Nana & Simon (Georgia/Germany) produced by Augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany), Arizona Films (France) and Polare (Georgia)

« Sans Titre » de Olmo Omerzu (Czech Republic) produced by endorfilm (Czech Republic), Cvinger Film (Slovenia), Punkchart Films (Slovakia) and Rouge International (France)

« The Elephant in a Dark Room » * by Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria) produced by Atlantida Studio (Bulgaria), Salty Sea (UK) and Seahorse Blue (UK)

« The Gulf » * by Emre Yeksan (Turquey) produced by istos film (Turquey), Kundshafter Films (Germany) and Homemade Films (Greece)

« The Hidden City » * by Victor Moreno produced by El Viaje Films (Spain) and Pomme Hurlante (France)

« The Real Estate » * by Måns Månsson and Axel Petersén produced by Flybridge (Sweden)

The Work-In-Progress session screens excerpts from 15 European films in post-production to sales agents, festival programmers, distributors and funds.

The producers of the selected films are invited to present their work following the screenings, to a professional audience. Frédéric Boyer, artistic director of the festival, hosts the session and moderates the Q&As with the participants.

One of the 15 work-in-progress will be granted this year with the Eurimage's Lab Project Award of 50.000 euros in cash. This award is dedicated to innovative projects in terms of content and productions.
- projects must have some form of international co-operation/co-production between at least two countries
- projects 
have not received Eurimages Co-production Support
- the majority producer's country is a Eurimages' member country

The session ends with the traditional Wine, Oyster and Cheese, on top of the mountains, feet in the snow, with a magnificient view on the valley.


Submissions are now closed.

Eligibility criteria:

✓ feature film (fiction, documentary, animation) with a minimum length of 75 minutes

✓ the main producer and the director must be European

✓ the film should not have any sales agent attached yet

Producers whose project gets selected are invited at the festival's expense (travel, accommodation and accreditation costs for one person per project).


Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin 

Frédéric Boyer
Artistic Director

Jérémy Zelnik
Head of Industry

Alice Guilbaud
Manager Coproduction Village

Arc 1950 Coproduction Village 

+ 33 (0)1 82 28 50 10