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Get to Les Arcs with your students/pupils

The festival is also the occasion for young audience to discover others cinematic forms of expression, to open up to different European cultures and to meet professional who create the cinema of today and tomorrow.

Many offers exist for a school trip in Les Arcs: this winter, the festival team will support you in your teaching approach and will help you to organise your stay.

Europe and Cinema

Beyond the idea of European cinema, it is the cultural identity of Europe that is at stake. By striving to promote artistic multiplicity in our program, we become the defenders of cultural diversity and the Cultures of Europe. Yet, to quote Bertrand Tavernier, European cinema also shows a (cinematic) language unit; and furthermore, it would be the actor of a European cultural identity. In terms of subject, picture, narrative, the films we present implicitly show this dialectic of differences and similarities, in a Europe both multicultural and singular. In the words of Win Wenders, “European cinema is fortunately not monolithic, but is made of many voices, and it’s what those voices have in common that we can proudly call “European cinema”.


Consequently, the program we offer intends to capture this idea of “artistic complicity”. Whether it be in the choice of the subject or in the writing and filming treatment, European cinema enables the analysis both proximity and distance between various aesthetical and narrative processes, as well as their historical, social, political and cultural anchor. We’re talking here about education through pictures (or through film analysis): to define the part of European cinema in building national and/or European identity in the countries that are members, through the representations it focuses on. The story, the filming, the editing are so many elements which demonstrate, within the European cinema, both significant recurrences and national singularities, of which the analysis will allow to deconstruct the “Effect of Reality” of cinema.


But above all, the festival aims to be a dynamic place of cultural openness: its eclectic program intends to increase public awareness of different cinematic expressions, to raise its interest and its curiosity, with a view towards education through pictures.

Teaching approach
Music and Cinema Masterclasses

Every year, in partnership with the Sacem, JPAgency and 22D Music, the Festival honours Music and Cinema through conferences lead by renowned professionals.

 2014 masterclasses:

-       music composition workshop with Stephen Warbeck

-        Zoom on Atli Orvarsson et Eric Neveux

Free for high school students


Discovery and practical workshops

Since 2012, the Festival has been organizing, along with teachers, workshops corresponding to their pedagogical project.

 2014 workshops:

-       image workshop with Agnès Godard, director of photography

-       cinema workshop with Claude Duty, film director

-       stage direction workshop with Claire Ducroz, actress


Do not hesitate to contact our staff in order to put together your own workshop program.


For any further information please contact Mélisse or Mathieu : + 33 (0)1 82 28 50 10