Becoming a Sponsor

Become a sponsor of Les Arcs European Film Festival and benefit from a 60% fiscal deduction!

Associate your company to a European-scale event which will provide you with a high visibility as well as a fiscal deduction. In compliance with the 1st August 2003 Act, 60% of your donation (financial or in kind, valued) is deductible from corporation tax.

To be associated with the festival also means to participate in a project supported by the whole Rhône-Alpes region. Our aim is to show our region’s dynamism and capacity to create great events.

Donation Level
Official Sponsor

For a 10,000€ donation, you only actually pay 4,000€ after fiscal deduction.




Associated Sponsor

For a 5,000€ donation, you only actually pay 2,000€ after fiscal deduction.


For any amount of donation,

  • Firms can deduce 60% of the amount of the donation from corporation tax
  • Individuals can deduce 66% of the amount of their donation from their income tax

For more information and to find out the advantages offered by the festival, do not hesitate to contact Clémentine Larroudé:

Tel. : +33 1 82 28 50 13 or email to: